• Kamloops ultrafiltration treatment plant
  • baker-lake
  • Ymir Municipal Water Treatment Plant
  • roblym reverse osmosis plant
  • Water treatment plant in Arctic community
  • Custom engineered water treatment systems
  • Municipal water treatment and storage solutions
  • Package water treatment plants customized for location
  • Industrial and wastewater treatment designs and installations
  • Remote Package Water Treatment Plants

BI Pure Water has been in the business of water treatment for almost twenty years, providing water quality solutions to municipalities, federal, provincial and municipal governments, industries, private land owners, resorts, and First Nations communities. BI Pure Water is located by the port of Vancouver, BC, for shipping our treatment plants and water quality products across Canada and around the world.

Package Treatment Plants

community package treatment plant Save on system costs with a package water or waste treatment plant. Learn more

Waste Water Treatment

waste water treatment at Novagold mineOur BPW-MBR membrane bioreactors yield a high quality of water and have a wide variety of applications. More membrane bioreactor>

Food & Agriculture

pH adjustment dechlorination waste water and other water treatment for agriculture Building dechlorination units, pH adjustment kiosks, chlorinators in package treatment plants, and various systems for food and agriculture.

Pool Disinfection

Chlorinators and UV water treatment for poolsUltraviolet water treatment in combination with BIP’s tab chlorinator creates an ideal public swim environment. Pool Treatment Systems
BI Pure Water is a member of water associations in Canada and the U.S.

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